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How to jump higher, higher and higher

How to Jump Higher, Higher and Higher

Have you ever wondered how those great athletes and dancers do such powerful jumps? They follow just some simple steps to maintain their jumping skills.
First thing to consider on how to jump higher is the body’s flexibility. Flexibility helps the body to be able to swing the body parts and give a maximum momentum of the jump. Accordingly, the strength ratio between the quadriceps and hamstrings of the best jumpers is 3:2. An inflexible body limits the ability to jump higher as it tends to develop an imbalance of strength. To be able to have a flexible body, do a regular stretching workout. This will enhance and keep the flexibility of the knees, hips, and ankles.
Second consideration on how to jump higher is your toes. Toe workouts are not only for ballet dancers. The toes are a great help in launching a higher jump. They are the last part of the body to leave the ground. If strengthened and conditioned, these tiny toes will enhance a push against the ground and will give extra power to your jump. Conditioning and strengthening the toes is just easy. You can do the exercise while doing other things. The best exercise for them is to curl and uncurl them repeatedly. Another exercise is to push the tip toes, holding for at least 10 seconds and release.
Third thing to remember on how to jump higher is the strength of the angle between the foot and the leg. The area is called dorsi-flexors. This area serves as a stabilizer. It controls the ‘flapping’ of the foot. A good exercise for the dorsi-flexors is to walk around using just the heels, no help from balls of feet until you feel a good burn.
Next to take into account on how to jump higher is the strength of the inner abs. we are not talking about six pack abs here. It is just about the strength. The abdominal muscles play a great role in performing a high jump. A common and the easiest exercise for this is the stomach crunches (not sit ups or you will break your back).
Another tip on how to jump higher is that, you should not do the jumping exercises everyday (except for the simple exercises). Your muscles will be overly fatigued if you do, and you will give up your workout abruptly in no time. The best length of time is four to five days. To be able to jump higher, consistency is one key. You should exercise for months or years to maintain your prowess.
Aside from increasing the leaping ability, these considerations will help the physical fitness of a person. It is recommended also to consult first an expert before doing the exercise. Though these exercises work, they will help you how to jump higher as they teach you the right way to do these. If you have any health problems, injury, questions or if you experience pain as you do this tips on How to Jump Higher, Higher and Higher, the stop. Again, consult your doctor.

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