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Fitness equipment – a great option for your home

Fitness Equipment – A Great Option For Your Home

Sports PLC enhance its golf portfolio with the launch of a new custom-fit service and range of golf equipment from Forgan of St. Andrews.

The benefits of investing in a set of customised golf clubs are well documented – unfortunately, compared to a standard set of clubs, the cost can be higher and accessibility to this service, limited. Until now, a complete set of customised golf clubs could cost anywhere between £600 to £1,000 and take up to 14-days to manufacturer and deliver. Thanks to the launch of Forgan.co.uk – the first golf manufacturer to provide an online customisation service from the United Kingdom – golfers of all ability can afford to invest in their game.

New Range of Customised Golf Clubs from Forgan of St. Andrews

To coincide with the launch of Forgan.co.uk – Forgan of St. Andrews has introduced an awe-inspiring range of golf clubs – exclusive to its website. All clubs are manufactured to the highest quality and specifications laid out by Forgan of St. Andrews, featuring state-of-the-art club technology and materials applied throughout the new line-up. The extensive range of drivers and woods feature the latest customisation and club-head technology, available in regular, square and triangular profiles – the later features perimeter weighting for additional control, accuracy and distance. The latest hybrid technology is now available on three new rescue clubs (series 1-3) – series 3 hybrid also features new perimeter weighting technology, in addition to an oversized club-head to enhance the sweet-spot. All irons and wedges are moulded to perfection with tour quality and performance guaranteed for the lifetime of these clubs.

Putters complete the line-up of new golf clubs from Forgan and feature ground-breaking new designs – the Forgan Series 2 putter features a hollow head design to redistribute weight to the outer edges of the club to increase the moment of inertia and deeper centre of gravity.

Forgan.co.uk provides a complete customisation service allowing players of all sizes and gender to customise their clubs – once, in six straightforward stages – Gender, Dexterity, Height, Floor-to-Wrist Height, Glove Size and Swing Speed. Visitors can then select from an extensive range of custom-fit golf clubs and all customisation requirements are automatically applied to each club. The website is available in English with pound and euro prices included – French and German languages are scheduled to launch shortly.

In addition to its new range of custom-fitted golf clubs – Forgan of St. Andrews has launched a new line-up of 14-way divider trolley bags and stand bags – both available in a variety of colours. Both stand and trolley bags are available exclusively from Forgan.co.uk.

Forgan of St. Andrews was established in 1860 and shortly developed itself a reputation for quality and innovation. Shortly, after its establishment, Robert Forgan was granted a royal seal of approval and was appointed official club maker to the Price of Wales. Today, Forgan is part of Sports PLC and is available exclusively from Forgan.co.uk and ForganGolf.com (US markets only).

Sports PLC is the European division for Confidence Sporting Goods, inc. the famous manufacturer from Palm Springs, California.

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