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Women diet should include 4-6 meals a day

Women Diet Should Include 4-6 Meals A Day

If you have ever read a fitness magazine chances are you have read that it is better to eat 6 meals a day then 3. The experts behind this idea are really on to something and I highly suggest eating more meals, that is right more meals, over the traditional 3 meals.

If you are beginning to incorporate this idea into your lifestyle then it may be helpful to understand why it is a great idea. Since birth most people are groomed to eat three meals a day but this is your time to break away.

This will truly help to boost your efforts to get the body you want. It may be a challenge at first but it will become second nature quickly after feeling the results! And you will say good-bye to stomach gargles and that obnoxious 11:30 pre-lunch stomach growling.

So without further ado here are the perks and benefits of the more food time diet!

1. INCREASES METABOLISM: By giving smaller meals more frequently the body is food pyramidconstantly working to digest and voila! The metabolism is increasing. Remember that the faster your metabolism is, the more calories your body needs to function at 100% and therefore the easier it is to lose weight.

2. HELLO to ENERGY: will feel like the energizer bunny. Without having the up and down sugar levels your body will have extra energy and that annoying starvation feeling will be a memory!

3. BALANCE AND STABILITY: Sugar and insulin. Everyone has experienced dizziness lightheadedness, and fatigue when you have not eaten in a while, but why? That feeling comes when your body does not have enough sugar. Insulin is a hormone to keep sugar in balance, so when one if off so is the other. Eating every 2-3 hours helps to stabilize the hormone and the blood sugar that is REQUIRED by the body.

4. WEIGHT LOSS WITHOUT STARVATION: By allowing yourself the freedom to 6 small meals you are able to push the idea away that you need to starve yourself to lose weight

5. NUTRITIONAL EXPERT: By planning out your meals you are learning to be more conscious of what is being eaten. If you do no plan ahead then eating the extra snacks and meals becomes almost impossible. Snack machines and fast food are no longer options!

6. FEEDING THE MUSCLE: Learn to incorporate all food groups- protein, carbs, and fats (there are good for you fats) into every meal. Getting a balanced diet will through your muscle gains into full gear.

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