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Stand bag: make golf part of your fitness program

Stand Bag: Make Golf Part of Your Fitness Program

Whether you are a beginner and only carry a few golf clubs or a low handicapper and carry a full set plus, a stand bag is a valuable piece of golf equipment to any walker. Not only is a stand bag much lighter than a cart bag, but it also has ample pockets to carry all other golf equipment that you may need such as golf balls, golf tees and even a rain suit. If you do only carry a few clubs, you may want to look into a Sunday bag. This bag is as plain as they come and will typically have one pocket that can hold a few tees and extra balls.

Depending on which model fits your needs, you can purchase a golf stand bag that has pockets inside of pockets. Space to carry anything that you need is available. Many stand bags include an insulated water bottle pocket built right into the bag. These pockets will typically fit a regular water bottle or gatorade sized bottle and can help keep it cold on those hot summer days. If you purchase a stand bag with a water bottle pocket you will want to make sure that it does have a place for the condensation to leave the bag. If it is allowed to accumulate, the excess water can damage your golf bag and be just plain nasty.

With all of the available features that are available on a stand golf bag today, you will definitely want to take your time and create a needs list as well as a wants list. Obviously the bag must look good to you. However it is even more important that the golf carry bag is comfortable to carry. Most stand bags come with a dual strap that will disburse the weight of the golf bag and your equipment evenly across your shoulders. In turn this will create less stress on your back.

A stand golf bag can also vary quite a bit in its overall weight. Of course, some of the weight will depend on the amount of features that the light weight stand bag has to offer. The overall weight of the golf bag will also depend heavily on how much extra equipment that you are going to carry with you reach round. For example, you will be adding a lot of unnecessary weight if you take your rain suit with you on a sunny day.

A stand golf bag can also become a personalized golf bag. You can have your favorite logo silk screened or embroidered onto almost any carry bag. You can further personalize the bag with your favorite colors, the colors of your company logo or the colors of your favorite college team. A collegiate golf bag is a very popular choice as you can carry your schools logo and have your name on the bag. To quote the SNL Billy Crystal character, “it is much better to look good than to feel good.” However with a personalized stand bag, you can look good and feel good.

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