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Sparring gloves – safety first

Sparring Gloves – Safety First

Sparring gloves are a necessity even for those newer martial arts enthusiasts who are less likely to become embroiled in a more intense sparring session, simply because they protect both sparring partners. Whilst there is a multitude of clothing items and styles which can be purchased when commencing training, sparring gloves are very important and investing in a good quality pair of gloves is essential. Some students obtain second hand gloves at first but these may not be supportive or the right weight and shape for the student. It is much better to be able to purchase new gloves in a style that suits whilst ensuring that they are a comfortable fit and are of good quality. Remember that sparring gloves are for semi contact usage and not for full contact and all sparring should be supervised by an experienced and qualified instructor.

There are so many different types of sparring gloves available in the market place that it is worth considering all of the options before parting with any cash. If you are already a member of a martial arts club, then information is readily available by those in the know. Enthusiasts who have a preference for specific gloves will be able to explain why and this gives you some sound product knowledge before spending any money. Alternatively, there is an abundance of information available on the internet and this will help you to narrow down your selection substantially.

Sparring is an integral part of any martial arts training but it can be dangerous. Those who have a higher grading at the club tend to be much more controlled when directing their punches and so are safer to spar with as it becomes more about technique rather than brute force and lucky punches. Because of this however, it is essential to obtain your own sparring gloves as soon as possible before any mishaps occur. A new student could easily hurt themselves whilst punching in addition to hurting others with a misaimed punch, so it is easy to see why gloves are essential. Sparring gloves can also afford greater confidence for the martial arts student in addition to the safety factor. Knowing that they are protected means that they can focus more on the task at hand and learning how to read the opponent so as to anticipate every move in advance.

Physical fitness is paramount when participating in sparring sessions and accidents or injuries can often occur through lack of overall fitness and control. This is why all sessions should be supervised carefully by the instructor, to ensure that the activity remains as safe as possible for all levels of expertise. There is often a real mixture of ages attending the sessions so control and protection are the key words.

Depending on the chosen martial arts style, an appropriate suit which is durable and yet offers freedom of movement should be purchased as this helps the student to feel part of the team as well as providing something comfortable and traditional to wear, following this, purchase leg pads, martial arts shoes and of course, those all-important sparring gloves.

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