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How many workouts without weights do you need to reach your goals

How Many Workouts Without Weights Do You Need To Reach Your Goals

There must be some reason why some exercisers reach their fitness, fat loss and physique goals while others fail. There is, and is really is quite simple once you understand it. The reason is that successful exercisers use MULTIPLE workouts to meet their goals over an extended period of time.

The fact of the matter is, there is not one workout that can accomplish all the improvements you need to reach your overall goal. For example, you might choose a workout that focuses on fat loss. But the fact of the matter is, you need to improve fitness and build lean muscle to reach your true physique goals. So, a one size fits all workout just won’t do. To illustrate what I mean, let’s look at three different types of bodyweight workouts.

Workouts Without Weights For General Fitness

Bodyweight calisthenics are an excellent choice for improving fitness. After all, there are many physical abilities that need to be improved for a high level of fitness like strength, power, endurance, speed, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination, accuracy and mental toughness. And bodyweight workouts are great for improving all these physical qualities.

And keep this in mind. Even though your goal might be more for appearance, improving your appearance is a RESULT of a higher level of fitness. So, you should have do a general fitness workout. But…

Workouts Without Weights For Fat Loss

You can’t expect your general fitness workout to burn off all the fat you need to reach your body fat goals. So you should use a fat loss workout that specifically targets burning calories. (Think of a fast paced bodyweight calisthenics circuit with little rest.)

But here is the trick. You fat loss workout shouldn’t interfere with your fitness or physique building goals. As a matter of fact, they should improve both fitness and keep valuable muscle while targeting fat elimination. But there is more…

Workouts Without Weights For Strength And Size

Of course, to end up with the athletic body (not a bodybuilder body), most exercisers want, you need to pack on some lean muscle. After all, to look the way you want takes more than just losing pounds of fat. You also need to build attractive muscle!

Therefore, you should target muscle growth. But again, you want to do this in a way that does not sabotage your fat loss and fitness improving efforts.

Wouldn’t it be great if changing ONE thing resulted in the body you want? But the truth is, there are many things you meed to do to build the strong, lean, athletic body you dream of. You can’t just train for fitness. You can’t just train for fat loss, or building muscle. So, you need multiple bodyweight workouts to reach your ultimate goal.

Exercisers who succeed in reaching their fitness, fat loss and physique building goals know they need to use multiple types of workouts to build their best body. So, focus on different types of workouts at different times while staying on track to meet your overall goals, and you too will succeed.

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