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Golf fitness equipment to put into your golf workout

Golf Fitness Equipment to Put Into Your Golf Workout

You are practicing on your game but you want to hit the driver farther and straighter. A good teaching professional could help you but you do not want to spend all of that money. Golf fitness equipment may be the answer for you. Many times the students we teach are not flexible enough to reach the correct golf swing positions. This is where we have to improvise as teachers and players. With this in mind, it is easier to make one lever move the same direction every single time as opposed to two levers.

The golf fitness equipment that you need may be as simple as an exercise mat. With an exercise mat, you will be able to improve your flexibility by doing golf-specific stretching exercises. There are many golf fitness books that spell out a golf flexibility program for you. Whatever you do, before you start a rigorous golf workout or golf stretching program, be sure to consult your physician for approval.

So, what should an ideal golf fitness flexibility program consist of and what types of golf fitness equipment should it include?

Your golf fitness program should have many variations such as a long version for regular training days and a short version for Pre-Round Stretching. A variety of golf fitness equipment will help keep you interested in your workout. A few variations with the large exercise ball should also be included. Using the golf exercise ball during your golf specific workout is extremely important for the golfer as it allows you to work out your core muscles. Your pre-round stretching routine you can do even with a couple of stretches with a couple of golf clubs to do just before tee-off and between holes if necessary.

Your stretching and workout program should be thorough. The program should address your head and neck and go all of the way down to the feet. Why is this? The reason is because the golf swing is a movement of the entire body.

Your program must be symmetrical for your body. This simply means that what you workout or stretch or workout out on one side of your body, you also need to do the same on the other side. This is the true key to maintaining optimal muscle, tendon and joint balance on both sides of your body. This allows for enhanced golf swing power without a large increase in swing effort. In addition and more importantly, you will keep your body equal on both sides.

The program must include several key compound stretches. Compound stretches elongate several joint areas at the same time which will mimic natural movement patterns. This also allows the golfer to be more accurate through enhanced fitness flexibility, body awareness and control.

You should feel good afterward. This type of stretch routine or golf specific workout using golf fitness equipment should make you feel as if your posture is immediately better and you should feel stronger. You should almost feel like you could rip the cover off a ball if you were to hit one right after your golf fitness stretch routine.

Golf fitness equipment for your workout can vary depending on what you are attempting to improve. Many successful golf workout programs use golf fitness equipment such as free weights, weighted practice clubs, resistance cords, medicine balls and an exercise mat.

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