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Double mgic

Double Mgic

If you step incorrectly, you may toss yourself off the back of the machine. It may take a while before getting used to it. Once accustomed, you will not give a miss to this wonderful machine, especially if you suffer from knee or back ailments..

YES, WE are talking about the tread climber. The tread climber is a hybrid version of the treadmill and stair climber. “The machine is one of the newer pieces of gym equipment to hit the global market. It is yet to be officially launched in India, though it can be ordered from its US manufacturers,” says Neesha Maria Bukht, fitness trainer at Talwalkars, Mumbai.

“Tread climber offers an effective cardiovascular workout as the machine has two separate revolving belts that move up and down in a stepping motion. In other words, you are combining the two machines into one, which offers a low-impact workout, while burning those extra calories faster than most other exercises”, says Neesha. “Another interesting feature is that you can’t really run or jog on the tread climber; you can just walk,” she adds.

More and more elderly people are getting hooked on the tread climber as the machine provides an opportunity for them to work out without putting much strain on their backs and knees.

“There are some like Chetna Desai, a Mumbai homemaker, who have lost over five kilos in two months, with just 20 minutes on the machine for five days a week,” Nisha says.

As is the case with most machines, you can control the speed and resistance of the tread climber during the workout. It’s advisable to start at the lower resistance levels and then progress to the maximum setting, cautions Neesha.

Initially, you ought to be careful while using the tread climber. The combo machine is difficult. If you get it wrong you will be thrown back off the machine, injuring yourself. However, there’s an emergency stop button. “But once you get hold of it, it is easy to do your workouts,” she says.

If somebody wants to buy this machine, the only deterrent is its cost. It is priced at anything between Rs 3 lakhs and Rs 3.5 lakhs. The superior model costs much more. But it certainly is a good investment for staying fit, Neesha argues. It’s just a matter of time before gyms in India make a beeline for this magic machine.

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