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Triple your fat burning workout results ©

Triple Your Fat Burning Workout Results ©

Do you want to know how to triple your results from your resistance training? Why
wouldn’t you?

Properly conducted resistance training can give you startling fat loss results, along with muscle and strength gains.  On top of that, when using the techniques I describe in the Fat Burning Furnace eBook, you’ll also receive “top drawer” cardiovascular health benefits.  And all from 2-3  workouts each week lasting just 15-20 minutes on average.

But, you’ve got to do them right, not like the average resistance trainer is taught these days.  Walk into any fitness center or gym and you’ll see at least half if not more of the exercisers performing their workouts in a less than optimal way…and that’s being kind.

So let’s get right to one of the ways you can triple your resistance training results immediately.  It has to do with how you specifically perform the repetitions.  To better understand this, let’s examine our 3 different strength levels in any resistance exercise.

Take the dumbbell curl exercise for the biceps for example.  In this movement, you begin with the weight down at your sides. You proceed to smoothly and slowly curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders.  This movement trains your positive strength level. You should then pause briefly and contract your biceps at the top of the movement.  This trains your static strength level.

Finally, you would want to lower the dumbbells slowly back to the starting position.  This trains your negative strength level.

Now the problem is that most people don’t even bother with the static or negative strength levels.  They put all of the focus on the “lifting” or positive portion of the movement, while not pausing or contracting sufficiently at the top, and not taking nearly enough time on the negative portion.

In effect they are getting only one third of the benefits that this exercise can give them.  Actually, it’s less than that because the static and negative portions can actually create deeper inroads into your existing strength levels.  This is something you want, as it will lead to greater progress faster assuming you give your body appropriate time to recover.

Why do we care so much about strength?  Outside of the obvious reasons, strength leads to muscle growth, which leads to a faster resting metabolism, which leads to faster fat loss and various other improved health factors that could take up another couple of pages at least ;-).

In the Fat Burning Furnace eBook & Deluxe Program, I take these concepts to the next level.  Here we are using techniques to maximize your static and negative strength levels in order to push the limits of your lean and healthy genetic potential to the max.  That’s when the real fun begins.

So make sure not to neglect the static and negative strength levels when performing your next resistance training workout. Don’t waste the opportunity to triple your results!

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